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>a l’annee prochaine!

>took some autumn pictures yesterday. it was cold, it was wet and I looked like such a tourist with my phone camera, trying to balance an umbrella while attempting to snap some decent pictures.

I bragged about this one recently, although it looked much prettier from the other side of the lake (and there were much more yellow leaves back then!)

there’s a park bench overlooking this. perfect spot to ponder over life.

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>what’s cookin’

>I started playing around with wirework a couple of days ago,

the thing I love about working with jewellery is that you never know where it’s going to take you. You can plan and plan and plan but at the end of the day, each material speaks to me and I let it go the way it wants to go. The large hoops were originally intended to be made as earrings, but as I finished securing them in place, I thought they might look good as part of a long necklace, et voila! now I’m going to work around these hoops as the main vocal for a necklace πŸ™‚

I bought these bangles a while back, and have been wondering what I should do with them. they’re actually wooden bangles and I started playing around with ribbons, am yet to discover the bangles’ true calling…

yesterday my friend asked me to create some pieces to go along with a gorgeous dress she just bought for her brother’s wedding in August. I’m super psyched and can’t wait to start shopping for delicious materials once I’m done with finals in a month yay!!! I love to create pieces that is purposely commissioned for specific dresses/outfits/occassions, to know that they trust me enough to have what I’ve created adorn them for a special occassion really warms my heart πŸ™‚

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>a girl can only dream

>I’m really wishing that I’m still a working professional right now, there’s SO much goodies I want to buy!!!(note to self: look up part time jobs next semester)

yes, I’m a big sucker for tod’s. Ask my friends, they’ll happily confirm this fact. I think their bags are such classics that it’ll outlast me and my future children, the shoes are soooo comfy and I love most of their bags/shoes collection. Another important point for me is that they’re not so flashy (unlike the Guccis, Diors and LVs, no offence). Only a true tod’s girl will know that it’s tod’s πŸ™‚ (I once was complemented on my black patented leather d-bag and the girl asked me how much it was. I mumbled the price (AED5000) *guilt trip* and she actually heard AED500 instead of the AED5000 lol, and I told myself ‘ofcourse it’s a very nice bag you foooool!’)

oh, AED is the currency of the UAE *incase you’re wondering*

a bientot!

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>great news for more procrastinating!!!

>I’ve received good news last night and wanted to share it with you, the due date of the dreaded assignment #2 has been postponed and now I have an extra 3 days to finish it off!yayyy πŸ™‚

but then again, assignment #3 is due 3 days after assignment #2. suddenly not so sure if the whole postponing date is such a great news afterall…

moving away from my dull blabber about uni life, I’m super excited that the dress that i ordered and blabbed about from ASOS a while back has finally arrived!now, I’m not very good posing like a model in front of the camera *otherwise, I wouldn’t be here blabbering about school right?* so I won’t be doing any outfit pics like a lot of you brave bloggers do *yes, I do admire your courage!*.

What I CAN do is tell you how pretty the dress is and it fits perfectly on me *I have this ‘hourglass’ figure that unfortunately is not so hourglass that I look deadly sexy like Dita von Teese though* and I couldn’t be happier with it πŸ™‚ I’m planning to wear it to my friend’s engagement party in July, and maybe then, maybeeee I’ll post a pic!

My mind is already busy thinking of what accesories I should pair the dress with, I still have time to make new ones to debut for the occasion so any suggestions would be really really great. Since I have short hair, I won’t be doing anything fancy with it, I will trust my hairdryer to do wonders to them on the day.

A little background info on the engagement party: she’s indonesian, he’s french. so to be fair, they’re holding the engagement party in Surabaya (her hometown) and the wedding will be in France. You can basically say that the engagement party will be more or less like a wedding, without the exchanging of vows and the white dress. Indonesian weddings/engagements, I have to say, is very lavish and some might even say, extravagant.

Now that I’ve given you some background info on the engagement party, it is time to let your creative minds run free and express any jewellery ideas that pops into your heads, and I mean, ANYTHING!:)

Bon weekend!

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>dot dot dot

>i am in the middle of procrastinating. main goal is to atleast get halfway through assignment #2. let me tell you how i have successfully procrastinate…the time is 22:55.

19:00 – reached home from last lecture of the day
19:15 – heated leftover from lunch
19:30 – had dinner + watched last Sunday’s episode of Bones
20:00 – finished dinner, continued with Bones
20:30 – finished watching Bones, proceed to wash dishes
20:40 – showered
20:50 – chatted to girlfriends about one of their latest menventure (men+adventure)
21:15 – started working on tutorial problems for tomorrow morning
21:50 – finished problems. started browsing on the usual blogs, facebook, twitter,
22:00 – decided I was hungry
22:05 – contemplated if it’s wise to eat this late
22:10 – grabbed cereal
22:15 – still browsing…
22:40 – felt guilty and opened up documents for assignment #2
22:42 – started typing for assignment #2
22:50 – finished a paragraph. decided to go on blog
22:55 – decided to blab on blog

I wonder how fellow bloggers manage to blog/work/study/browse/shop/have social life all in a 24-hour slot? Okay then, on to things that makes me happy…(and hopefully makes YOU happy as well!)

this bracelet was one of my first creation, I did it in the jewellery making class I attended last year. My boy is a geeky nerd who loves his gadget/high-tech stuff/quirky facts/weird youtube videos so he is naturally very good with the computer and its many many wonders. He made an ordinary photo *which I took with my super old camera* and turned it into something very eye-catching!

not one to be deemed ‘dependent’ (he’s those typical artsy guy who does things in his own time if you know what I mean), I finally told myself to learn the basics of photoshop. I think I did quite well for a photoshop virgin…

don’t these pieces makes you think of lollies?

and before I leave you, here’s something from my last project for the jewellery class…

I’ve dismantled the finished piece and they are now patiently waiting for me to do wonders to them and turn them into pretty creations once more.

I must disappear now for my subconscious is calling me to switch the window from this blog back to microsoft word.

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>I’ve always enjoyed doodling. especially in lectures.

that there is the bi-product of my e-commerce class. and the nails came about last night because I was being a lazy procrastinator and thought my assignment would write itself *again*.

and here I am blabbering away and fighting the sleepiness, instead of researching for assignment #2 that’s due in 9 days.

I’m loving the weather right now, and walking around campus taking in all the different autumn colours. This one was taken on the way to the city last Saturday, straight across from my apartment building. I was walking to lecture today and saw the most amazingly breathtaking view of a lake, bridge, and rows of trees with yellowing leaves. I’ll try to take a decent snap with my blackberry camera the next time I pass around that area.

back to the doodles. who thinks that the best ideas comes at probably the least expected time? I had a ‘light-bulb moment’ (you know, when in cartoons someone has a brilliant idea, and a light bulb appeared with a PING sound?) during a discussion about DNA and the computer system and ethics *don’t ask how they’re connected* and started drawing there and then. I’m super excited about it now, but won’t be able to start working on it until I finish assignment #2 and #3 😦

’til then…

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>Rush Sunday

>Hello you!:)

Why is it that weekends come and go in a blink of an eye? I’ve set myself some seriously heavy goals this weekend: to write my commercial law assignment. Was researching the whole day and night yesterday to no avail, so I am dedicating today to read through cases until my eyes takes life of their own and kill me for overworking and underpaying them. Before they do that though, thought I’d give them something pretty to gaze at…

this necklace was commissioned with 2 very specific reqs: they have to be in precious/semi-precious gems and PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE!

it was like a dream come true! to buy precious/semi precious gems without calculating costs and getting a severe headache out of it! in with the amethyst, quartz and czech crystals (and throw in half a night of cutting, bending, flipping, designing, attaching), et voila!

she was extremely thrilled with the finished piece and wore it the next day πŸ™‚

I hope my eyes are happy right now, boy are they in for a rude awakening..!

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