>hidden gems in Canberra revealed

>was being a curious cat and browsing through various blogs, and came across several interesting ones; Shop Handmade and Canberra Got Style are on my top fave list! I’m quite surprised that Canberra has such interesting people (ha!), guess being holed up in my study corner (or the library) for the past 3 months is the cause of it all.

I’ve been dying to go shopping for the past couple of weeks, so last Friday I headed to Canberra Centre (since I don’t currently own a car and they are the closest thing to ANU) only to be dissapointed. I miss the wide variety that Dubai Mall offer shoppers, I miss H&M, Zara, Mango, Forever 21, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and all my usual favorites. I’ve always managed to find my kind of jewellery in H&M, Forever 21 and Pull and Bear, and I haven’t found a decent affordable jewellery shop as yet here in Canberra.

So, tried on a few outfits in several shops, and discovered that the ones I like has no more stock in my size-_-  (how very convenient!), so I was happy enough to have bought opaque tights from Sportsgirl (discounted!) and continued to satisfy my shopping thirst online.

The first thing I did was went online to http://www.portmans.com (curious to see if they have the wanted items in my size) and found out that they don’t sell online!!! 😦 I’m actually not a big fan of online shopping, especially clothes, cause you never know if the outfits will actually fit you nicely (or not), and it doesn’t help that the models are all very slim looking as well.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on for a bit too long. Point is, going to check out Shop Handmade sometime soon *it’s exam and assignment season for the next 2 months* and hopefully can find something quirky, something classy, something me.

-all jewellery self crafted-

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