>chilly Thursday

>I have a love/hate relationship with Thursdays.

I love it cause it’s the last day of the week for me (at least for this semester), but at the same time, I hate it cause it’s the only day I have to wake up extra early to get into my 9AM class.

So when the fire alarm went off just as I was about to jump into the shower, I wasn’t particularly amused. And I can’t ignore it since there was an email sent last week telling residents that all rooms will be entered by the person-in-charge and fines will be given to those who choose to ignore the alarm. And off I went down 5 flight of stairs with my pj’s, flats and winter coat (and this is why I really want to get me some uggs, for situation such as this!) to embrace the 0 degrees that is Canberra in mid-May.

While I wait in the meeting spot (of course it has to be the only shadowed area), shivering and waiting for all the nice people to let us back in and embrace the warmth of our rooms, I looked up and saw a very peaceful clear blue sky.

so peaceful. not caring about the hustle and bustle of life on earth (and its fire alarms).

it was the same peaceful feeling I was in when I made the ‘sky island’ bracelet and ‘renaissance’ necklace posted above.

gotta run now, it’s Glee night! 🙂

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