>oh my precious stones!


the stunning rock formation a.k.a the walk to/fro my gym 🙂
this morning I was going back from my morning workout and decided to take a photo of these stones. i just love how it’s sprawled across this little lake separating one side of ANU from the other. And I’m going to make a jewellery inspired version of this (after I get the time to go hunting for some gorgeous semi precious stones ofcourse!), a mental image is already sketched 🙂

I’ve always been slightly hesitant in purchasing things online (au contraire, I love browsing through online shops!) cause you never know whether that dress/top/skirt/pants will actually fit you nicely or not, or if the material is as good as it looks on screen, BUT…there’s always a first time for everything and yesterday I finally pluck the courage to click the ‘check out’ button on a gorgeous dress I absolutely love from ASOS, and it’s on its way here as we speak (more like as I type), I’m a loser for dresses/tops with unique backside; my motto is ‘you can wow them once you turn your back’

I’m crossing my fingers hoping that I haven’t over/under estimate my size.

they’d look lovely with these

stacked on  top of…

and perhaps throw in a little amethyst semi-precious stones with a dab of sparkly Czech crystals…

yummm! can’t wait for the dress to arrive!

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