>the week that brought me down

>Before I start, I will warn you: this will not be a pleasant read. there. you’ve been warned. so here goes…

this week has not been very nice to me, and it feels like it’s gaining momentum with every passing minute of every hour of every day. If you’ve been following my blog for a while (and literally a while, as I just started the blog this month), you’ll probably figured out that I’m doing my postgrad in the ANU (where’s that you say?it’s in Canberra. where’s that again you say? it is the capital of Australia. and while most people will be surprised with this new fact, I’m happy to say that Canberra is a very nice, quiet city and I am happy to have chosen this place to do my studies).

Anywho, yes I have returned to the joy *and sorrow* of being a student. I have happily given up my job with plenty of opportunities right in front of me (and that was in Dubai, I was working for one of the largest hotel chain in our very lovely earth) to pursue other skills that I think will become very handy in the near future. I.was.prepared.

But apparently I wasn’t prepared.

I’ve forgotten the overwhelming stress of assignment due dates, quizzes and exams. and I now remember that I hated the feeling of being ‘student-poor’, and am still hating the fact that I literally have no $$$ of my own. And an argument followed by the cold treatment from a loved one does not help one bit. Especially prior to a very important quiz. and 2 due dates.

However much I am not liking my current situation, I’m still very grateful for those that always manages to put a smile on my face *and that includes all of you who’s reading this* and who’s willing to listen *or read* my desperation (trust me, its no coincidence when I changed my pic on my blackberry msgr that friends who haven’t seen me for awhile started mentioning that I ‘looked aged’, ‘stressed’, and ‘tired’).

I am trying to keep happy thoughts and stay positive. So to leave you with a positive note, I want you all to remember that everything happens for a reason. No matter how ugly it gets, there is always a pretty colourful rainbow at the end of the long dark tunnel 🙂

when I first started making this ring, I didn’t have the right materials with the right size(s), but I pushed on anyway…

I spent hours trying to weave them together, undoing and re-starting many, many times…

after many mistakes, this is what I came up with. And I can happily say that I saw the colourful rainbow at the end of that dark tunnel 🙂 Happy weekend to you all!

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