>I’ve always enjoyed doodling. especially in lectures.

that there is the bi-product of my e-commerce class. and the nails came about last night because I was being a lazy procrastinator and thought my assignment would write itself *again*.

and here I am blabbering away and fighting the sleepiness, instead of researching for assignment #2 that’s due in 9 days.

I’m loving the weather right now, and walking around campus taking in all the different autumn colours. This one was taken on the way to the city last Saturday, straight across from my apartment building. I was walking to lecture today and saw the most amazingly breathtaking view of a lake, bridge, and rows of trees with yellowing leaves. I’ll try to take a decent snap with my blackberry camera the next time I pass around that area.

back to the doodles. who thinks that the best ideas comes at probably the least expected time? I had a ‘light-bulb moment’ (you know, when in cartoons someone has a brilliant idea, and a light bulb appeared with a PING sound?) during a discussion about DNA and the computer system and ethics *don’t ask how they’re connected* and started drawing there and then. I’m super excited about it now, but won’t be able to start working on it until I finish assignment #2 and #3 😦

’til then…

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