>dot dot dot

>i am in the middle of procrastinating. main goal is to atleast get halfway through assignment #2. let me tell you how i have successfully procrastinate…the time is 22:55.

19:00 – reached home from last lecture of the day
19:15 – heated leftover from lunch
19:30 – had dinner + watched last Sunday’s episode of Bones
20:00 – finished dinner, continued with Bones
20:30 – finished watching Bones, proceed to wash dishes
20:40 – showered
20:50 – chatted to girlfriends about one of their latest menventure (men+adventure)
21:15 – started working on tutorial problems for tomorrow morning
21:50 – finished problems. started browsing on the usual blogs, facebook, twitter, asos.com
22:00 – decided I was hungry
22:05 – contemplated if it’s wise to eat this late
22:10 – grabbed cereal
22:15 – still browsing…
22:40 – felt guilty and opened up documents for assignment #2
22:42 – started typing for assignment #2
22:50 – finished a paragraph. decided to go on blog
22:55 – decided to blab on blog

I wonder how fellow bloggers manage to blog/work/study/browse/shop/have social life all in a 24-hour slot? Okay then, on to things that makes me happy…(and hopefully makes YOU happy as well!)

this bracelet was one of my first creation, I did it in the jewellery making class I attended last year. My boy is a geeky nerd who loves his gadget/high-tech stuff/quirky facts/weird youtube videos so he is naturally very good with the computer and its many many wonders. He made an ordinary photo *which I took with my super old camera* and turned it into something very eye-catching!

not one to be deemed ‘dependent’ (he’s those typical artsy guy who does things in his own time if you know what I mean), I finally told myself to learn the basics of photoshop. I think I did quite well for a photoshop virgin…

don’t these pieces makes you think of lollies?

and before I leave you, here’s something from my last project for the jewellery class…

I’ve dismantled the finished piece and they are now patiently waiting for me to do wonders to them and turn them into pretty creations once more.

I must disappear now for my subconscious is calling me to switch the window from this blog back to microsoft word.

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