>great news for more procrastinating!!!

>I’ve received good news last night and wanted to share it with you, the due date of the dreaded assignment #2 has been postponed and now I have an extra 3 days to finish it off!yayyy 🙂

but then again, assignment #3 is due 3 days after assignment #2. suddenly not so sure if the whole postponing date is such a great news afterall…

moving away from my dull blabber about uni life, I’m super excited that the dress that i ordered and blabbed about from ASOS a while back has finally arrived!now, I’m not very good posing like a model in front of the camera *otherwise, I wouldn’t be here blabbering about school right?* so I won’t be doing any outfit pics like a lot of you brave bloggers do *yes, I do admire your courage!*.

What I CAN do is tell you how pretty the dress is and it fits perfectly on me *I have this ‘hourglass’ figure that unfortunately is not so hourglass that I look deadly sexy like Dita von Teese though* and I couldn’t be happier with it 🙂 I’m planning to wear it to my friend’s engagement party in July, and maybe then, maybeeee I’ll post a pic!

My mind is already busy thinking of what accesories I should pair the dress with, I still have time to make new ones to debut for the occasion so any suggestions would be really really great. Since I have short hair, I won’t be doing anything fancy with it, I will trust my hairdryer to do wonders to them on the day.

A little background info on the engagement party: she’s indonesian, he’s french. so to be fair, they’re holding the engagement party in Surabaya (her hometown) and the wedding will be in France. You can basically say that the engagement party will be more or less like a wedding, without the exchanging of vows and the white dress. Indonesian weddings/engagements, I have to say, is very lavish and some might even say, extravagant.

Now that I’ve given you some background info on the engagement party, it is time to let your creative minds run free and express any jewellery ideas that pops into your heads, and I mean, ANYTHING!:)

Bon weekend!

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