>a girl can only dream

>I’m really wishing that I’m still a working professional right now, there’s SO much goodies I want to buy!!!(note to self: look up part time jobs next semester)

yes, I’m a big sucker for tod’s. Ask my friends, they’ll happily confirm this fact. I think their bags are such classics that it’ll outlast me and my future children, the shoes are soooo comfy and I love most of their bags/shoes collection. Another important point for me is that they’re not so flashy (unlike the Guccis, Diors and LVs, no offence). Only a true tod’s girl will know that it’s tod’s đŸ™‚ (I once was complemented on my black patented leather d-bag and the girl asked me how much it was. I mumbled the price (AED5000) *guilt trip* and she actually heard AED500 instead of the AED5000 lol, and I told myself ‘ofcourse it’s a very nice bag you foooool!’)

oh, AED is the currency of the UAE *incase you’re wondering*

a bientot!

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