>the one without a title

>have you ever go through your day as if everything is normal, you know exactly what’s going on in your life and in the lives of your loved ones, only to be shattered by endless revelations that you yourself aren’t even sure is true?

yesterday was one of those days for me. after screwing up a LOT on my last assignment, I managed to fix it and woke up feeling good and positive about it, the whole day was good, managed to finish of the assignment (yay!) just in time for my weekly dose of ‘masterchef’, ‘the good wife’, ‘house’ and ‘scrubs’.

and along came bad news.

I’m still astonished and honestly don’t know what to think, or who to believe. People say listen to your instincts, and I’m not even sure what my instincts are telling me. My instincts are divided as well. Being a true Libran, I like to weigh in all the possibilities, listening to both sides of the story.

I will sit still and watch for now, afterall, action always speaks louder than words right?

Oh, and also something I learned from a whole semester of law class (it’s commercial, not criminal, but still the basic rules are the same when prosecuting) is that you are always guilty until proved innocent. So, everything is on you to give me a reason to believe your innocence. and ofcourse, with cold, hard evidence to back your story up.

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