>in between studying,

>A short post to let you know I’m still alive. In between studying, cursing at my notes, distracting myself with e-browsing, and all the other boring stuff 🙂

As you know, I’m a sucker for rings (big, small, bold, subtle, you name ’em, I probably have ’em). Here’s one ‘happy accident’ ring. I don’t think I originally planned to make a ring, but it just kind of flow towards that direction, so I happily embraced (oh, i’m a sucker for flowery things too!)

Someone asked me if the clef armor ring I made recently will paralyze the finger it adorns, and funnily enough, I asked myself the same thing while designing it. I sure don’t want a stiff middle finger sticking out while the rest of my fingers are warming itself to a big mug of green tea, that’s why I designed it in such a way that the ‘clef’ sits just below the joint where you bend your finger (you know what I mean?this is why I don’t take biology, or become a doctor…), so you can still move your finger, somehow. Obviously it won’t be able to move as freely as if the ring isn’t there, that’s why it’s called an armor ring right? One look at Iron Man here and I’m sure you’ll understand!

Off for now, I find napping/sleeping in general helps me remember the stuff I just learned/read. If you don’t believe me, a couple of days ago I spent the whole afternoon reading my commercial law notes, and that very same night, I had a very vivid dream involving a courtroom, witnesses and a prosecution. Then, the next day I read a little something and dreamt about my lecture notes of the same topic!

I know, I’m probably just losing my mind…

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