>one fine Saturday

>Decided to sleep early last night so that I can start my day earlier than usual, all in the name of guiltless browsing and blogging before I dive into my textbooks.

It’s getting cold here in Canberra (want proof?it’s 08:38 AM and my little weather channel icon is telling me it’s 0 degrees outside), and I was so determined to find the perfect pair of gloves yesterday (while making the most of the stocktake sale that ended yesterday). Well, I couldn’t find a decent pair of gloves. I searched hi and lo, only to find the following options:
1. genuine leather in black that feels super soft to the skin, but didn’t have any furry/wooly/warm lining inside that’s a pre-req for me.
2. genuine leather with furry/wooly/warm lining inside, in brown.
3. fake *it feels fake anyways* leather with furry/wooly/warm lining inside, but the cut was so bad that I felt like a robo-woman wearing it.

What I want is #1 with #2’s lining. too bad, my hands will have to suffer this winter. I refuse to give in to the sale and went home empty handed.

I was also searching for a pair of white pumps to go with my dress, as suggested by Fuji Files, and yet the only pair I saw didn’t have the kind of heels that I want (which has to be at least 7cm, these were 5cm heels), so I might have to settle with black strappy heels for the occassion, and was thinking that since I won’t have time to make something, I might wear them with this,

since the dress is white polkadot on a navy blue canvas, I wasn’t sure if black will go well. But if I’m wearing black shoes, it might work. Thing is, I don’t own any white/blue accessories (blue is one of the least of colours I’d choose or even look at in shops). Really need some input here!

I better go now, my eye’s hurting. Can you believe out of ALL the days, my eye has picked yesterday to turn the colour PINK? I don’t even know how I caught it, I was home the whole day yesterday. And it doesn’t help that I have to do a lot of reading for the exams either, it went from bad to worse (meaning: half-eye pink to full-eye red) so I’m crossing all fingers and toes for my eye to get better -__-. Until then, I’ll be the girl wearing sunnies inside a supermarket. Thank God it’s a sunny day today.

Have a fabuleux week-end!and if you’re in Australia, enjoy the long weekend 🙂

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