>I want that black diamond please!

>had a super long day yesterday, and the most stressful Saturday I’ve experienced!had to wake up at 6AM to do a little bit of review for my morning exam, wrote till my pinky hurts for 3 hours, sprint back home to swallow some lunch (yes, swallow, not chew cause I didn’t the luxury people refer to as TIME), flip textbook for second exam back and  forth without really reading anything, went to second exam, panicked in the last 15 minutes of the 3 hours exam, then when I thought I was finally done with the hard stuff, the lecturer from the 2nd exam decided it was the best time to post results from our last assignment and BOY WERE THEY HORRIBLE MARKS!!! When I say horrible, I mean the average was so low it was unexpected.

hard stuff that requires a lot of brain power’s done, it was time to commence the fun, de-stressing night! the night started with dinner with the guys, watched SamSantoEd and laughed at whatever happened in the previous day’s football matches, then met my girlfriend for SATC2!!!^^ we’ve been planning to go for the past month (before the premiere I kid you not), but of course reality made us postpone this much awaited movie for 3 weeks (reality=exams).

I thoroughly enjoyed and loved the movie, although I’d like to point out some things *warning: this may or may not be a spoiler*
1. Abu Dhabi is NOT the future as far as I remember. Been there twice and aside from the beautiful mosque and Emirates Palace (that in order for you to get in, everyone must spend AED100 each!) there’s practically nothing but desert and construction (although some of the things under construction was jaw dropping cool). Perhaps in the next 15-20 years, when Dubai has become overcrowded and too expensive, will Abu Dhabi get the title of ‘the future’?
2. In the Souq, Carrie was totally ripped off by the shoe guy lol I couldnt stop laughing when she thought it was cheap!Souqs are basically markets, so in markets you BARGAIN. And frankly speaking, dressed like that, she’s asking to be ripped off!
3. Who, and I will ask again, WHO, wears stilletos inside their own apartments/house?anyone?please let me know i’m curious!
4. Can someone please tell me if your bf/husband/fiance/partner would give you that super gorgeous sparkly black diamond, after what Carrie did????oh hollywood, you’re really gonna mess some women’s head for sure!

All in all, it was a really fun movie and it made me miss Dubai. really. very. much. So, I’m going to leave you with a few decent pics from my Dubai days đŸ™‚

Dubai Airshow 2007
My first Ramadan 2007 (boy was that an experience!)

View from Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab

a visit from my girl

Winter Wonderland – Xmas in Dubai

Al Ain – another Emirate in the UAE

the desert

Dubai Int’l Airport – terminal 3

Jumeirah area

Atlantis Hotel

When they were still constructing Dubai fountain

The finished product

to Abu Dhabi we go!

Abu Dhabi 

a bientot!

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