>The Shop is Up!

>I’ve finally managed to upload a couple of pictures from the latest hula hoopy, chupa chuppy, round and round inspired theme!

The Carnival Collection is available for sale, and you can view them from this blog, or from Aglaia’s Facebook Page. I didn’t post the price cause I’m still trying to figure out whether it’ll be better to post the price or have you (my future, loyal customers :P) email me to inquire instead.

Oh, and there’s only ONE piece available for every item 🙂 I only create 1-2 pieces for everything because it always makes it more special if you know that you are the only one (or two, in some cases) that owns this particular creation (it also avoids the risk of being caught wearing the same thing with someone else, how horrible  is that right?)

Anyways, feel free to roam around the Facebook Page cause it actually has all the pieces I’ve done in the past. And if they’re still available, they’re up for grabs as well 🙂

I really really hope you enjoy the Carnival Collection!

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