>because putting on a pretty dress matters

>Officially done for the semester. despite my frustration for that one last exam, I was excited that it’s finally semester break and I can get on with all the commissioned works I’ve been putting on hold.

Got a parcel of goodies yesterday, and me being a girlie girl at heart, tried everything on and twirled around the room. What better way to make yourself feel better, than to dress yourself with yummy tops and dresses ’til you smile from ear to ear?

So I did exactly that. I put on a dress, sat in front of my creative table, and started working with some new materials I recently purchased. I was working on one piece in particular that an amazing girl and baker asked me to create, to adorn her on her brother’s wedding. She originally wanted a bib (as I mentioned here), but after some late night gossiping and discussions, we decided a bib necklace isn’t the best type of adornment for her body type.

The necklace is done, and I am super happy with the end result. I’m a bit upset though, that my camera refuses to capture the true beauty, sparkle and all the intricate details of the necklace, so I’m going to work on taking some more shots before I show it to her (and you!). Here’s a sneak peek…

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, and putting on a pretty dress adds a little magic to your creativity! I felt like I saw things more clearly, all the beads, pearls, chains, ribbons were so much more beautiful in my eyes. And all that, because of putting on a pretty dress!

Thus I will leave you with a tip: if you’re ever feeling blue, or it seems like you’re stuck in a rut (whatever rut it is!), putting on a little make-up, a cute top,dress or gorgeous shoes will instantly lift your spirit up and allow you to see the world from a brighter, prettier angle.

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