>I’m back!

>Time sure flies when you’re having loads of fun, surrounded with family and friends!:)

These past two weeks I’ve been eating heaps of yummy and delicious food, laughed my heart out with family and friends, witness Indonesian beautiful landscape, and overall had a very, very good time.

Here are some shots from Mt. Bromo and its beautiful crater in East Java. Mt. Bromo is surrounded with lush green mountains and a sea of volcanic sand.

There are two ways you can reach the top of the crater; riding horses or trust your good old reliable 2 feet. Having had zero exercise ever since the build-up of assignment due dates and exams + non-stop eating, I naturally decide that it’s about time to get my heart pumping again. The three of us (me, mom and aunt) went off by foot,

and the lazy bunch (dad, uncle and cousin) opt for the horseride,

It sure didn’t look too far from where we stood at the starting point, but the hike did require quite a bit of inner power :P. We met the lazy bunch at the bottom of the stairs (to go up to the top of the crater) and snap more piccies,

see how steep the stairs are?

The walk up these stairs drained me, when I finally reached the top I was so dizzy (and perhaps the fact that we were 2,392m above sea level plays a part) that I was afraid I was gonna faint! but hey, when you work hard to try and reach something (may it be studying super hard, working like a horse, or climb a mountain), everything just seems slightly more wonderful and beautiful at the end 🙂

More piccies to come, right now I’m off to the mall to find me some red lippie (any suggestions?)

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