>I Heart Blogs

>The day has come to show my appreciation for some of the amazing, unique, heartwarming blogs that I religiously read on a daily basis. These blogs comes from real people, doing everyday things that you and I do, experiencing what I like to call the roller coaster of life, and even though I’ve never met them in person, I feel a weird connection to them (weird, because I’ve only read and seen the occasional pictures).

I’m going to mention 10 blogs I absolutely adore and recommend you to check out (if you haven’t already!) in no particular order. It’s not easy to select only 10 blogs I tell you, but I’ve narrowed down my choice to these 10 bloggers that have had me hanging by their words/snaps/perspectives ever since I’ve ‘discovered’ them:

1. Fashion Coconuts: Fashion Loving and Bashing – Lady Noix de Coco is one truly tough lady to please (fashion-wise), she could turn your world upside down with laughter as she dissects the world of fashion and bring in her witty take on fashion!
2. jennifhsieh – Jen has a very casual girlie chic style, this girl will show you that you don’t need the high end luxury goods to look super chic!
3. Butterfly Cupcakes & Daffodils – Chloe is an art student. She shows you how to ‘artify’ your fashion sense in her blog. I love how down to earth and very real she is in her blog.
4. 365 Fashion Rehab – They went a WHOLE YEAR without shopping! and now that they’re shopping again, they’re doing it very wisely (and shows you how to!)
5. The Fashionista Next Door – Ife’s taken street fashion by storm! absolutely love her style 🙂
6. hellocatherine! – Cathy brings you the blogworld from the Middle East (and I instantly felt a connection with her as a former Dubaian). She’s a super sweet girl with a rocking fashion sense.
7. Fashion Butter – because she blogs from a Greek island (one of my dream!), because she takeas amazing photos!
8. Hundy & Undy – because she’ll bring you amazing finds for under $100 🙂
9. She is Sara – Sara’s such a sweet lady, with gorgeous pictures, outfit, and inspiring stories.
10. Miss Jones & Me – Brooke has an enviable closet and takes amazing snaps, what more do you want?:P

I hope you stop by their blogs and take a peek. Would love to hear what you think of ’em!:)

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