>for the love of bangle

>you didn’t think that my newfound love for embellished bangles stop with just the one, did you?

here’s the second bangle I made. I was actually happy with the plain dark green bangle, but curiosity got the best of me and I started rummaging through my pile of supplies of semi-precious stones and other pretty, sparkly things. I found the green semi-precious agate and thought it would compliment the dark green of the ribbon (but of course it needed MORE). So, like any other curious jewellers out there, I ventured to the nearest craft shop to find me some of these amazing yellow and gold rhinestones (the remaining goodies was sitting patiently on my creative table waiting to be made into one with the bangle). Here’s a close-up look of the jeweled goodness,

I swear when I get my DSLR (and properly use all of their functions, which I’m starting to learn off youtube right now), I’m gonna be able to get more gorgeous pics of my creations. But until then, my old and not-so-trusty-no-more point and shooter will have to do all the work.

I hope I’ve bejeweled your Friday 🙂

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