>one for the road

>busy, busy week ahead. yes, it’s that time of the semester (again) where exams and assignments are waiting for me with open arms, all around the same time.

I thought I’d squeeze in a little ‘hello’ to all of you, and let you know that despite the amount of uni work I have to do, I still managed to sit on my creative table and work my way towards happiness and serenity that I can find while twisting and turning wires, mixing and matching different kinds of gems and turn them into the pretty things we call jewellery.

Unfortunately, my commitment with photographing and properly editing the photos has been lacking BIG time (yes, I’m lazy to take photos cause I really really want to part ways with my camera, but haven’t found the time (and money) to get myself a cooler DSLR).

This morning as I sip my morning coffee, I decided to edit at least one jewellery that I’ve photographed last week. This one came out of nowhere really, I think I was sitting on my ‘study’ table (aka dining table) and had one of those moments where I thought I could turn this and that into one funky piece.

while twisting the wire for this piece, I instantly thought *and hummed* ‘the wheels on the bus’ as I went round and round…

“the wheels on the bus goes round and round,
round and round,
round and round.
the wheels on the bus goes round and round,
all through town”

on the same day I made it, I started wearing this necklace. I just love the fact that such a simple necklace can look chic and different at the same time

and as usual, I would not leave you without a closer look on the focal point (and missed a chance to see the different hues of the off-black glass beads!)

materials: glass beads, gold seed beads, resin beads

Enjoy the weekend with lots of smiles and laughter!

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