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>love me tender


‘trois’ ring: Aglaia
been playing around with my latest toy *canon eos 550d*, a birthday gift that arrived almost one month late! Nevertheless, I was very psyched when I received it last Thursday and despite the looming exams, I managed to play a bit with the camera.

and the current object of my affection? A certain gold plated wire wrapped tiger eye and czech crystals ring 🙂

PS: stay tune to find out which one of you won the giveaway!i’m excited!!!

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>halfway there

>I’m officially done with classes for 2010!*horray* I know I should be studying like crazy for my finals, but my mind can’t help but wander off to all the gorgeous places I’m going for the summer.

I’m an organized freak when it comes to holidays, I have the need to know and plan EVERYTHING (where we’re going, how we’re going to get there, what’s there, etc). I feel really uncomfortable when I don’t have at least 75% of my holidays planned out.

so, true to my nature, I’ve managed to organize stuff to do from the day I’m done with exams until I have to go back to uni next year. Basically, I’m going to the Gold Coast to meet one of my friend from our Switzerland days, then off to Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to meet up with my ANUers. Now, I know I need to leave a day or two to actually pack my stuff up before I leave for Jakarta (cause I’m going to move into a new place next year), so I’m giving myself a 3 day pack-and-bum-around in Canberra before I head off to Melbourne to stay with my cousin for my last weekend in Australia for 2010 🙂 (I will be ultimately broke by the time I get home, yes I will be).
Me and my girfriend was going to go to Jogjakarta for a couple of days as well (to learn the art of silversmithing), but since Mt. Merapi erupted, we’re postponing this plan until the unforeseeable future (or at least, until the dust and smoke from the eruption are completely cleared). Which reminds me, your prayers for what’s happening in Indonesia would be so appreciated! I can’t believe that these natural disasters happened almost all at the same time (flood in Jakarta, earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption) and quite a lot of lives were taken, people went missing, homes were destroyed 😦

On to a lighter, happier note, I made this ring out of glazed natural stone. I love how each stone has different textures, as if they’re trying to tell us their stories and how they came to be. In a way, our lives are a lot like these stones. We were carved all smooth and perfect, and our life’s tales gave us these little, distinct marks that are truly ours. It may have been painful when it happened, but now that the pain’s gone, we can see the real beauty that has surfaced from these experiences.

Abyss ring: Aglaia

I listed them on etsy last night, and there’s only 3 pieces available (grab ’em if you love ’em here :))

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>Introducing Analena

>Have you met my friend Analena?

One day she told me that she loves red so much she wants me to wrap her in the buttery softness of a double sided gross grain ribbon (in blood red!)

and so I did…

Analena bangle: Aglaia

Only FIVE days left to enter the giveaway! 🙂

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I’ve been slacking with my posts lately. Another semester has almost gone by, and you all know what that means! The dreaded final exams are coming in less than a month and I have to restrain myself from doing the things I love most (procrastinating, making jewellery, planning getaways, blogging, reading your blogs, and so much more!)

So, instead of boring you with the details of my busy, busy life, I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures of earrings that I recently made. If you don’t see them on my etsy shop, it’s probably because a) they were sold through other mediums, or b) I haven’t had the time to list them on etsy.

Little Sparks




Caged Glory
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>Bellatrix Lestrange

>One of the things I love about jewellery making is the fact that you can start with an idea in your head (or sketchbook) and still end up with something completely different.

When I started with this piece, I knew I wanted to make a statement ring, and I started twisting and turning this one long piece of wire,

I was completely happy with the skeleton, and me being a true procrastinator, left it there for a couple of days (my excuse: I was waiting for inspiration to strike)
Now, I love black. So why do I hardly have any black inspired jewellery?

Le Noir ring: Aglaia

You can say this is the result of my deepest, darkest desire (for black jewellery). And with my luck (I’m not complaining here), these little babies grabbed quite a bit of attention and I have none left for me to wear (yes, they’re all sold!ps. I only made 3 pieces, so yeah lol)
Now that I think about it, this ring somewhat reminds me of the upcoming Harry Potter movie (yay!) poster that I have as my FB profile page,
Yes, it now reminds me of Bellatrix Lestrange. Creepily beautiful, I know.
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>what am I to you?


‘soiree’ necklace: Aglaia
I’ve been working on this necklace for the past two weeks. I really like the combination of red coral, gold and clear czech crystals, and thought this could be one of those necklaces that you can wear day or night, casual or formal.

Wrapping the stones in these gold plated chains gives the necklace an edge, something different that speaks to my heart and I’m so excited with the end results! (psst, it’s going to be listed on etsy tonight)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my jewellery line, Aglaia, and what my design style is exactly. I notice that most jewellers have a certain style that they portray in their line (i.e., beads, wires, pendants, etc), but I’m someone who likes to experiment and test my boundaries, hence, lots of different styles and different materials were used for the pieces I’ve created in the past (although I’m starting to see a pattern of the sorts of materials I prefer more (gemstones, crystals) than others.  I feel like a baby learning how to grasp things with my little hands, and am loving every new step I take :))

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>leaves and tassels

>my recent love affair,

necklace: Aglaia

it started with these leaf-shaped jaspers. I had no idea what to do with them. I stared at them for so long (weeks!) and tried turning them into long earrings. I wanted to create a piece that resembles autumn, fallen leaves and the wind blowing the leaves. As you can tell, the long earrings didn’t work out (I did however, made a shorter and simpler version that I’ll show you soon) as my hands started working their  way to create this long tasselled leaves necklace.

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