>Bellatrix Lestrange

>One of the things I love about jewellery making is the fact that you can start with an idea in your head (or sketchbook) and still end up with something completely different.

When I started with this piece, I knew I wanted to make a statement ring, and I started twisting and turning this one long piece of wire,

I was completely happy with the skeleton, and me being a true procrastinator, left it there for a couple of days (my excuse: I was waiting for inspiration to strike)
Now, I love black. So why do I hardly have any black inspired jewellery?

Le Noir ring: Aglaia

You can say this is the result of my deepest, darkest desire (for black jewellery). And with my luck (I’m not complaining here), these little babies grabbed quite a bit of attention and I have none left for me to wear (yes, they’re all sold!ps. I only made 3 pieces, so yeah lol)
Now that I think about it, this ring somewhat reminds me of the upcoming Harry Potter movie (yay!) poster that I have as my FB profile page,
Yes, it now reminds me of Bellatrix Lestrange. Creepily beautiful, I know.
PS: have you visited the giveaway? less than 2 weeks left to enter!

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