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>such a busy life

>5 am and I am awake, sipping my coffee.

off to Melbourne for the weekend to see my cousin. In the meantime, here’s some more pics from the Queensland trip. After Gold Coast, I bid adieu to my girls and went off to meet another bunch of girls at the Sunshine Coast. We stayed for a couple of nights and headed to Brisbane afterwards…

have a fantastic weekend!

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>back for a peek

>it wasn’t the summer holiday that we hoped for *weather wise*, but it was indeed a fun and memorable getaway with some of the best and fun-loving girls I’ve known…

 view from our apartment
 believe in your dream

 the girls

 the ride

 the food

more to come on the second part of the trip!

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>take me away dear summer

>where I’ll be in 3 days,

and I’ll be spotted doing these,

In 72 hours I’ll be done with my finals this year, and a fun filled, tightly scheduled summer down under will begin with a trip to the Gold Coast, followed by Sunshine Coast. I’m super excited *as the weather warms up and I’m still pasty and ghost-like*. I’ll be meeting an old friend of mine who’s flying from Singapore, then it’s off to Sunshine Coast with the ANU girls. Oh, and you can bet that I’ll be busy soaking the sun <and doing a little skydiving!>
Have a happy, happy weekend!

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>early bird shoppers seal of approval

>a quick one on a Sunday morning before my first exam to let you know that I’ve decided to reward early bird xmas shoppers to a 20% discount off Aglaia‘s jewellery!

The sale will run until Tuesday, 30th November 2010. One-off creations ready to be shipped to new loving owners đŸ™‚
Happy Sunday to all!

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>all I want for christmas

>can you believe it’s almost that time of year again, where families and friends come together, eat mountains of food, take lots of pictures and occasionally fight/argue? yes, it’s almost christmas!

Christmas also means christmas gift shopping!

This number was made with the holidays in mind. Luscious green agate stone combined with silver plated chains give this little number an edge. <oh, don’t forget the swarovski encrusted snowflake charm!>

i’m crossing off my list as we speak <i type>, only a couple more things before i’m done with christmas shopping!

you probably know by now that I’m an organized freak (hence the early crossing off of my list), hence the reason why I listed this ‘jade’ bracelet on etsy early as well (dedicated to all the organized freaks out there!). You can shop them here.

‘Jade’ bracelet: Aglaia

question is: what adorable things are on your xmas list? what are you going to give your loved ones?

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>and the winner is…

>a super quick post in the midst of my studying frenzy to announce the winner of aglaia‘s very first giveaway.

I was interested to see what my readers like, and somehow there’s an almost equal division between the three options! The winner has chosen the black widow statement ring, a statement piece that can glam up the holidays đŸ™‚

Congrats to Kristy Elena of Vogue Gone Rogue!!!!

now, back to books and some brainless tv:)

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