>all I want for christmas

>can you believe it’s almost that time of year again, where families and friends come together, eat mountains of food, take lots of pictures and occasionally fight/argue? yes, it’s almost christmas!

Christmas also means christmas gift shopping!

This number was made with the holidays in mind. Luscious green agate stone combined with silver plated chains give this little number an edge. <oh, don’t forget the swarovski encrusted snowflake charm!>

i’m crossing off my list as we speak <i type>, only a couple more things before i’m done with christmas shopping!

you probably know by now that I’m an organized freak (hence the early crossing off of my list), hence the reason why I listed this ‘jade’ bracelet on etsy early as well (dedicated to all the organized freaks out there!). You can shop them here.

‘Jade’ bracelet: Aglaia

question is: what adorable things are on your xmas list? what are you going to give your loved ones?

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