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TimeOut: Earth Hour 2011

The Uni held a little event to celebrate Earth Hour on Sunday. It started in the last few hours when the sun was still up, and ended with the symbolic action of switching off the lights followed by a whole hour of beautiful fire show.

This girl danced so beautifully to the rhythm of the African drums, we were mesmerized.

Have you gone beyond the hour this year? Do you switch off the lights/water/electronics when not needed? Share with us how you have/would like to contribute to make our little world a happier, eco-friendly place to live!


From the Shop

I’ve been ignoring my creative table for a while now. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I no longer have a creative table. I moved to a smaller space this year and was forced to pack all my supplies neatly in shelves. You can sort of expect what happens to your creativity when everything’s stored far from your sight.

So, I’m going to show you what’s currently on my etsy shop. I’m donating 50% of all sales to the Australian Red Cross ‘Japan&Pacific Disaster Appeal’.

Like most of the pieces I created, I’ve been wanting to wear this myself. It’s always tough to resist and see them go, but I am happy when they find new loving homes (especially if it’s for a good cause!)

They’re available here.

TimeOut: Colouring the Sky

While everyone I know were gushing about the supermoon last Saturday, I was busily admiring the colours of the sky. It was the annual Skyfire in Canberra, and most of us were perched around the lake to enjoy the spectacle.

These moon-shaped fireworks came around the same time as Katy Perry singing about the moon (no, I wasn’t paying attention to the songs nor the lyrics, but later heard this from the radio broadcast).

Piece of the Week: La Mer

We were all shaken to our core when news of an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan yesterday. I kept on replaying footages of when the water hits, houses were crushed, people in cars attempting to escape death by speeding over the road, with massive waves of the sea chasing after them not very far behind.

I thought I would dedicate this week to Mother Nature. Mother Nature has been good to us, but it is apparent now that we haven’t been good to Mother Nature.

This bracelet was born out of my love of the sea (hence, the name of the piece: La Mer). I hand-shaped the cuff with my two bare, imperfect hands, and pretty much free-formed the piece. A mix of turquoise beads, freshwater pearls, natural stones and clear czech crystals; whenever I look at them, I can almost always see the ocean and hear the sound of the waves with seagulls flying high in the sky.

I truly hope we can all take a moment to thank our Creator for the blessings He has given us, and to pray for light in this very dark tunnel that’s enveloping those who were affected by the disaster.

UPDATE: I’m sure there’s plenty of organisations that are accepting donation, but since I recently joined the Red Cross, here’s where you should click if you’d like to donate: Australian Red Cross (if you’re in Australia) or Red Cross (for their International site). What may seem to be a little to us can make a big difference!

TimeOut: Old Bus Depot Market

The Old Bus Depot Market is something that I have wanted to do since last year, and I finally got the chance to go last Sunday! There were loads of beautiful jewellery, arts and crafts, clothes (which I sadly didn’t get a chance to look through ’cause we came quite late), furnitures and plants! I also got my crystals from the previous post in the market. Definitely coming back for more.


Inspiration: The Crystal Truth

Went to the market on Sunday. As I lazily strolled and gazed, I found myself stopped at the sight of a bunch of abstract rocks that sparkled under the bright sun. I couldn’t help myself but approach the stall, only to squeal in delight when I saw what they were. Crystals! Gems! Best of all, they were in their best condition: rough and natural!

I knew what I wanted, but they were presented to me in so many different and unique shapes that it took me a while to decide (my friends were nowhere to be found by the time I made my purchase).

I got a beautiful black crystal originated from Brazil in the roughest shape possible. Naturally, one gem was not enough for me. So, I picked up an amethyst stone as well. The Amethyst were picked up in Arkansas.

I love the rough texture of these stones, it’s as if they are trying to tell us how the came to be. They are honest in the way the present themselves, and if I do decide to incorporate them into a jewellery piece, I would make sure that their truth are not lost in the process.

Q: do you have any favorite rocks/gems?


TimeOut: Bag Drool

Tod’s Shirt Bag

Imagine the scenario: you’re in the middle of doing something important, when you find yourself wondering ‘aimlessly’ through the web. I say ‘aimlessly’ because you actually KNOW where you want the web to take you (yes, those websites), but chances are, you won’t respond to your innermost urges anytime soon.

Last week I found myself in this situation. Somehow, it has become a habit for me to pay a visit to my ultimate favorite site for leather goods, Tod’s. As always, I successfully found bags/shoes that  made my heart skipped a beat or two. This is one of those moments where my heart skipped at the sight of these slouchy leather beauties. I can feel them calling my name. Sooner or later, I am going to respond to my calling.