TimeOut: Bag Drool

Tod’s Shirt Bag

Imagine the scenario: you’re in the middle of doing something important, when you find yourself wondering ‘aimlessly’ through the web. I say ‘aimlessly’ because you actually KNOW where you want the web to take you (yes, those websites), but chances are, you won’t respond to your innermost urges anytime soon.

Last week I found myself in this situation. Somehow, it has become a habit for me to pay a visit to my ultimate favorite site for leather goods, Tod’s. As always, I successfully found bags/shoes that  made my heart skipped a beat or two. This is one of those moments where my heart skipped at the sight of these slouchy leather beauties. I can feel them calling my name. Sooner or later, I am going to respond to my calling.


6 responses to “TimeOut: Bag Drool

  1. oh they’re so cute!!! i would like to have one too!!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. you sound so much like an addict…
    bag addict. 😀

  3. wow gorgeous bags! I love those colours!

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