Inspiration: The Crystal Truth

Went to the market on Sunday. As I lazily strolled and gazed, I found myself stopped at the sight of a bunch of abstract rocks that sparkled under the bright sun. I couldn’t help myself but approach the stall, only to squeal in delight when I saw what they were. Crystals! Gems! Best of all, they were in their best condition: rough and natural!

I knew what I wanted, but they were presented to me in so many different and unique shapes that it took me a while to decide (my friends were nowhere to be found by the time I made my purchase).

I got a beautiful black crystal originated from Brazil in the roughest shape possible. Naturally, one gem was not enough for me. So, I picked up an amethyst stone as well. The Amethyst were picked up in Arkansas.

I love the rough texture of these stones, it’s as if they are trying to tell us how the came to be. They are honest in the way the present themselves, and if I do decide to incorporate them into a jewellery piece, I would make sure that their truth are not lost in the process.

Q: do you have any favorite rocks/gems?



6 responses to “Inspiration: The Crystal Truth

  1. I’m so loving rough-looking crystal jewelry right now. I can’t wait to see how you use these, if you do. They are gorgeous!


  2. so pretty! i like moonstone and star sapphires 🙂

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