Piece of the Week: La Mer

We were all shaken to our core when news of an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan yesterday. I kept on replaying footages of when the water hits, houses were crushed, people in cars attempting to escape death by speeding over the road, with massive waves of the sea chasing after them not very far behind.

I thought I would dedicate this week to Mother Nature. Mother Nature has been good to us, but it is apparent now that we haven’t been good to Mother Nature.

This bracelet was born out of my love of the sea (hence, the name of the piece: La Mer). I hand-shaped the cuff with my two bare, imperfect hands, and pretty much free-formed the piece. A mix of turquoise beads, freshwater pearls, natural stones and clear czech crystals; whenever I look at them, I can almost always see the ocean and hear the sound of the waves with seagulls flying high in the sky.

I truly hope we can all take a moment to thank our Creator for the blessings He has given us, and to pray for light in this very dark tunnel that’s enveloping those who were affected by the disaster.

UPDATE: I’m sure there’s plenty of organisations that are accepting donation, but since I recently joined the Red Cross, here’s where you should click if you’d like to donate: Australian Red Cross (if you’re in Australia) or Red Cross (for their International site). What may seem to be a little to us can make a big difference!


9 responses to “Piece of the Week: La Mer

  1. its so sad how the power of mother nature can affect us, and someone made her mad. great jewellry

  2. Beautiful bracelet & lovely dedication. I also love the sea, which can be extremely beautiful but also menacing. My heart goes out to those affected by the earthquake & tsunami.

    Corinne xo

  3. the bracelet is beautiful!!
    It’s very sad and serious what’s hapenning around the world. And the biggest problem is that it will be like that always, getting worst and worst, because we don’t change our way of living…

    kisses from La Mode En Rose

  4. This is a beautiful piece!

  5. Gorgeous piece, love the colours! xx

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