TimeOut: Earth Hour 2011

The Uni held a little event to celebrate Earth Hour on Sunday. It started in the last few hours when the sun was still up, and ended with the symbolic action of switching off the lights followed by a whole hour of beautiful fire show.

This girl danced so beautifully to the rhythm of the African drums, we were mesmerized.

Have you gone beyond the hour this year? Do you switch off the lights/water/electronics when not needed? Share with us how you have/would like to contribute to make our little world a happier, eco-friendly place to live!


One response to “TimeOut: Earth Hour 2011

  1. This is a constant source of ‘contention’ in my home as I nag everyone to do the same. The kids are good at talking the talk about the environment but it’s taking time to get them to ‘walk the walk’ as far as switching off fans and lights etc. We’ll get there but it’s slow going.

    x Felicity

    PS Thank you for your lovely message today

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