Monthly Archives: April 2011

From the Shop: Caged Glory

searching for inspiration in the constant creativity battle, I found solace in the beautiful, little pieces of the past.

Caged Glory Earrings: black faceted onyx, wire mesh faux pearls. Available here

BlogLove: Pursuit of Passion

Wouldn’t you agree that there are a vast number of great blogs that ¬†seem to ‘disappear’ due to the enormous amount of blogs that are already out there, let alone the ones who are set up every day?

I thought it would be good to share the ones that I enjoy reading/staring and religiously follow. I am going to try to share the great, unheard blogs rather than the more popular ones. I am going to steer away from the pretty, well-structured lane and opt for the narrow, dirty roads to find amazing stores/foods/inspiration (in this case, blogs).

First up is the Pursuit of Passion by Felicia. Her tagline is ‘dreams, tears and everything in between’. She shares her life in a mixture of wonderful writing, drawings and paintings. Take this one for instance, she drew this to voice her feelings on the Japan tsunami.

I love how her drawings are simple and get straight to the very core that is your conscience. I love how she is witty and wise in her choice of words. Check her out. Share the love. I highly recommend it.