Monthly Archives: January 2012


Inspiration can come from anywhere, literally. These amazing rocks forms a little part of the beautifully tranquil Cataract Gorge in Tasmania. I can feel a bubble of rocky pieces forming in my (sometimes) wildly imaginative brain!


To Infinity and Beyond

It all started with a simple question from my mom. She wanted to know whether I own any piece of yellow clothing. You see, she read from somewhere that in the upcoming Chinese New Year, every sign should wear a specific colour if they want to ensure a good year ahead. She thought it would be fun to play along and take some fun pictures of the family in bright colours other than the traditional red. My colour was yellow. Naturally, I got a colour that’s almost non-existent in my wardrobe. So, what better way to add a splash of yellow than a fun, braided ribbon bracelet?

Once I was done making this yellow number, I got a little carried away (comme toujours) and made more in different colours. I figured it’ll be fun to wear them individually, or stacked together. Who knows, I might even be tempted to make more of these infinity bracelets in bright, summery colours!

Happy Chinese New Year (and Happy 2012)!