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’tis the season

Well, what do you know? It is less than a month until Christmas! I can feel the air around me shifted to a joyous breath of happiness, shop windows are full of Christmas decoration, Christmas carols are heard and Christmas shopping have well and truly begun!

In the spirit of Christmas, I have finally plucked the courage to do my very first market. I am very excited, yet nervous about it. There’s a lot of things to do, pieces to be created and fun to be had!


Feeling the love

I recently listed on etsy a couple of new pieces that I have made. In the middle of listing, I thought I would re-list some of the pieces that I haven’t managed to sell (which is, everything…). A couple of weeks later, an unexpected passing of a loved one brought me back home to Jakarta. While I was mindlessly checking my emails during downtimes, I noticed an email from etsy informing me that I have just made my first sale!


Excitement was soon followed by a panic feeling as I forgot to put my shop on vacation mode. I thought that I was going to lose a sale as I was away and wouldn’t be able to post the order within the promised 48 hours.

I spoke to the boy about my first sale, and asked him to help me and post the order. He was such a trooper, rummaging through my box of supplies to find everything I needed to post, and going the extra mile in making a card as requested by the buyer. So here I am, thinking that I want to share this with you, as I feel that I have finally managed to make the first step and cross a big hurdle in selling my jewellery in Australia. I would always remember this unique first etsy sale experience, and I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the boy’s help 😊

The Bold, the Blue and the Beautiful

A little last minute request was relayed to me on my last week of sole-vacation/waiting for paperwork from certain places in Melbourne last month. A blue neckpiece was to be created to complement a certain exquisite blue dress that a dear one was planning to wear for a special event (one of the many parties to celebrate a wedding!).

After countless drawings and searching through the web for the best materials, this little gem was born. And I have to say, I’m pretty proud of it too 😉

To Infinity and Beyond

It all started with a simple question from my mom. She wanted to know whether I own any piece of yellow clothing. You see, she read from somewhere that in the upcoming Chinese New Year, every sign should wear a specific colour if they want to ensure a good year ahead. She thought it would be fun to play along and take some fun pictures of the family in bright colours other than the traditional red. My colour was yellow. Naturally, I got a colour that’s almost non-existent in my wardrobe. So, what better way to add a splash of yellow than a fun, braided ribbon bracelet?

Once I was done making this yellow number, I got a little carried away (comme toujours) and made more in different colours. I figured it’ll be fun to wear them individually, or stacked together. Who knows, I might even be tempted to make more of these infinity bracelets in bright, summery colours!

Happy Chinese New Year (and Happy 2012)!

>Allegra 1.3: the ring


Allegra: freshwater pearls, czech crystals, faux pearls, silver plated wire

A long overdue post. The second to last installment of Allegra.

I personally LOVE rings, I love making them and I love wearing them. Naturally, this piece developed rather quickly and I am very happy with the end product.

On another note, I’ve finally succumb to the idea of moving this blog to wordpress. I’ve been reading quite a bit of tips from G&G (V has A LOT of useful tips and infos!!!) and hopefully will be able to make a smooth transition soon.

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>Allegra 1.2: the earrings


Allegra: freshwater pearls, czech crystals, faux pearls, silver plated wire

As soon as I posted Allegra (the bracelet) for my little blackberry community to devour, I was approached to create the whole nine yards (earrings, ring, necklace, the whole lot). The focus are still on the gleaming white freshwater pearls, hence the decision to create a free-formed skeleton (those round, squirly things as a dear friend would describe them) that can bring the different materials, colours and textures together.

This is Allegra 1.2: the earrings.

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>Allegra 1.1: the bracelet


Allegra: freshwater pearls, czech crystals, faux pearls

it took me weeks to create the perfect bracelet that exudes elegance, with white as its main colour. All I can say is that I am reaping my reward now, as people seem to love the concept of Allegra, and I’ve been kept busy with creating more and more of them. This is Allegra 1.1: the bracelet.

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