Icing on the (Wedding) Cake

Been thinking about creating pretty, sparkly things to wear for my brother’s upcoming wedding. In the midst of exam week chaos, I managed to doodle some ideas on pieces which would complement the dress that’s promised to be oh-so-amazing! My head is currently filled with Swarovski crystals and rhinestones in all kinds of shapes and sizes that would sparkle under the bright lights, creating a sense of yumminess similar to an icing on an already delicious cupcake.







TimeOut: Longing

It has been a while since my fingers touched the rough, unique textures of semi-precious stones, since my eyes seen the light reflected on the surface of smooth, glossy gold-plated chains, since my creative brain is working at full force.

My heart is longing to create, yet I am unable to. I shall wait for the time when I can re-open that part of my life, to pursue my crazy ideas and start creating again. In the meantime, looking at what was created offers inner peace to this restless soul.

Tia <ring>

en pointe

Ballerinas. Whimsical, delicate and beautiful.

I’ve been dreaming about ballerinas and pointe shoes lately. It reminds me of a childhood dream I once had, a little girl excitedly putting on her ballet shoes and pink tutu for performances. Loving the air of elegance, she pursued ballet with her eyes on the prize: the pointe shoes.

After what seemed to be an eternity, it was time to try on those pointe shoes. Sure, they hurt like hell. But the pain is nothing in comparison to the beaming smile of a little girl who thought she has just joined the higher ranks; a serious ballerina who can do magic tricks with her feet! Oh, the power of en pointe.


From the Shop: Caged Glory

searching for inspiration in the constant creativity battle, I found solace in the beautiful, little pieces of the past.

Caged Glory Earrings: black faceted onyx, wire mesh faux pearls. Available here

BlogLove: Pursuit of Passion

Wouldn’t you agree that there are a vast number of great blogs that  seem to ‘disappear’ due to the enormous amount of blogs that are already out there, let alone the ones who are set up every day?

I thought it would be good to share the ones that I enjoy reading/staring and religiously follow. I am going to try to share the great, unheard blogs rather than the more popular ones. I am going to steer away from the pretty, well-structured lane and opt for the narrow, dirty roads to find amazing stores/foods/inspiration (in this case, blogs).

First up is the Pursuit of Passion by Felicia. Her tagline is ‘dreams, tears and everything in between’. She shares her life in a mixture of wonderful writing, drawings and paintings. Take this one for instance, she drew this to voice her feelings on the Japan tsunami.

I love how her drawings are simple and get straight to the very core that is your conscience. I love how she is witty and wise in her choice of words. Check her out. Share the love. I highly recommend it.

TimeOut: Earth Hour 2011

The Uni held a little event to celebrate Earth Hour on Sunday. It started in the last few hours when the sun was still up, and ended with the symbolic action of switching off the lights followed by a whole hour of beautiful fire show.

This girl danced so beautifully to the rhythm of the African drums, we were mesmerized.

Have you gone beyond the hour this year? Do you switch off the lights/water/electronics when not needed? Share with us how you have/would like to contribute to make our little world a happier, eco-friendly place to live!

From the Shop

I’ve been ignoring my creative table for a while now. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I no longer have a creative table. I moved to a smaller space this year and was forced to pack all my supplies neatly in shelves. You can sort of expect what happens to your creativity when everything’s stored far from your sight.

So, I’m going to show you what’s currently on my etsy shop. I’m donating 50% of all sales to the Australian Red Cross ‘Japan&Pacific Disaster Appeal’.

Like most of the pieces I created, I’ve been wanting to wear this myself. It’s always tough to resist and see them go, but I am happy when they find new loving homes (especially if it’s for a good cause!)

They’re available here.